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Lambeth Self Help Housing Association emerged in 1971 and registered as an Industrial and Provident Society in 1976.

Its original purpose was to make use of properties, at the time identified for demolition, as temporary accommodation to address the shortage of affordable housing in the area.

Short life licenses were granted by the London Borough of Lambeth and repairs to the properties were carried out by the occupants on a mutual basis.

Over the years Lambeth Self Help obtained licenses from the Greater London Council, London Borough of Southwark and the Special Trustees of King's College Hospital.

King's College Hospital
King's College Hospital

When local authorities discarded their plans to demolish the properties licenses were renewed for longer periods, usually five years. This enabled Lambeth Self Help to benefit from various grants such as Mini HAG (Housing Association Grant) and Urban Programme Funding to carry out more lasting repairs.

Paid staff was employed to deal with the administration and responsive repairs.

By 1990 Lambeth Self Help realised that the existing "short-life" license arrangement was likely to last longer than anticipated. With this in mind Lambeth Self Help introduced a "Permanent Housing Fund". The objective of this fund was to build up reserves to facilitate the purchase of properties under its management to provide long term secure accommodation for its members.

In 1995 Lambeth Council replaced the short life licenses with ten year leases and introduced a charge.

Lambeth Town Hall
Lambeth Town Hall

During the same period Lambeth Self Help lost properties owned by the London Borough of Southwark and the Special Trustees of King's College Hospital. Lambeth Self Help surrendered leases on a number of properties owned by the London Borough of Lambeth in order to facilitate the transfer of ownership of those properties to London & Quadrant Housing Trust for the provision of long term accommodation for its members in St. Olaves Gardens and St. Olaves House. This was a joint initiative in partnership with Ekarro Housing Co-operative.

In 1996 Lambeth Self Help submitted a proposal to the London Borough of Lambeth to purchase the properties under management with a view to bringing them to permanent standards. The principal aim of the proposal was to secure long term housing for its members. This was achieved in June 2003.

Since then Lambeth Self Help's energies have been focused on bringing its properties to Decent Home Standards.